Monday, April 6, 2015

"Show And Tell"

Today I shared this message as the devotional I wrote for Snack Pack for Kidz, the devotional we do for the kids. I felt that the Lord wanted me to share it with you as well as a reminder that our young people aren't the only ones that make choices that others see. It also serves as a reminder that our actions and our words are the testimony of who God is in our lives. It serves as a reminder that we as His people need to not only tell others of His love but that we need to reflect it in the lives of others by our actions as well.

Hey guys! I hope you had a great Holiday and that you  took some time to let Jesus know you love Him!

So, today I have a quiz for you. I'm going to show you six pictures. You see if you know who it is in them. Okay?

# 1. 
 # 2.
# 3.
# 4.
 # 5.
# 6.
So did you know them all? Check your answers below.
   # 1. Daniel and the lions in the lion's den
   # 2. Samson
   # 3. Adam and Eve and the snake
   # 4. David and Goliath
   # 5. Jonah and the big fish
   # 6. Jesus and Peter walking on the water with the rest of the disciples still in the boat.

I bet you did really well and got most if not all of them correct, right? I bet your wondering why the quiz? whats the point and in order to make it I need to ask you to stop and think about how you knew the right answers. How did you know who these people were?

Actually the answer to that question is pretty easy but it has two parts to it. The first part is to say that it is because of their actions. Daniel is known for his stand. He is famous because he refused to stop praying and serving his (and our) God. Samson is famous for his long hair and his strength being tied to his vow to God. Adam and Eve are known for being the first humans created by God. They are also known for the mistake they made in listening to the lie of the snake and thus walking away from God. David is known for being the one who slayed Goliath who is also known for being a giant Philistine who mocked God and his people. Jonah is known because his actions caused him to show us both the results of his disobedience and his obedience as well. We know it was Jesus, the Son of God because He was the one miraculously walking safely and securely on top of the water. We know it was Peter because we know he was the one who was known for his boldness to get out of the boat. We recognized them because they were known for their actions.

The same can be said for you! Did you know that it says in Proverbs 20:11 'Even a child is known by his deeds, By whether what he does is pure and right.' Our actions help us gain a good reputation or a bad one.
Check out the books of 1st and 2nd Kings and while you read you will see these two statements a lot. "And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father ....had done" or "And he did evil in the sight of the Lord; he did not depart all his days from the sins of ....who had made Israel sin." Over and over those words tell the tale. They did right or they did evil. The were known by their actions and the choices they made to serve God ...or not.

Every time you choose to do right right it gains you a reputation of doing right in heaven. You will be known by the choices you make to do right!

Remember I said there were two parts to the answer to the question about how you knew who they were? We just established that the first part was that we knew who the were because of there actions. They were famous for what they did. The second part of this answer is even simpler. Someone told you. Someone shared their story with you. You knew who each of these people were because their exploits both good and bad were shared with you and from that you gained an understanding of who they were.

Did you know that part of wearing your armor of God is to have 'your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace?' or that in Romans 10:14-15 it says, "How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good thing!"

All that is a fancy way of saying, "How will they know about Jesus unless you tell them?" You knew about all these people in the Bible because their actions became know to you and because someone told you about them. If we want people to know that we love God we need to show them with our actions as well as telling them with our words.

We need to tell people Jesus didn't just say "I love you!" he came to earth as the Son of Man and He showed us with His actions as well!

We need to Spread The News by showing and telling others that!

God Bless!!!

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