Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chew on this:

It's a lot easier to find someone, then find something.

And if you find someone, you can beg them to help you find your something.

Proverbs is very big on, "Getting wisdom, insight, and instruction. Hold onto her, and don't let go."

After reading that, do you ever go, "OK........God, how do I find wisdom? Where is she?"

I know that it would be easier for me to find Lady Wisdom and not let her go, if she was an actual person. If she was like you and me. Then we could sit down and chat. I could tell her my woe's, and she would have wise insights for me.

It would make life simple.

Good news!

Pure and true wisdom is God Himself!

And we can sit down with Him, any time, any day.

It really is much easier to find something, like wisdom, when you first find SOMEONE.

Question: Have you found the true WISE ONE today?


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