Sunday, March 8, 2015


  And when He had come out of the boat, immediately there met Him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no one could bind him, not even with chains, because he had often been bound with shackles and chains. And the chains ha been pulled apart by him, and the shackles broken in pieces; neither could anyone tame him.
  And always, night and day, he was in the mountains and n the tombs, crying out and cutting himself with stones.
  But when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshiped Him, And he cried out with a loud voice and said, "What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I implore You by God that You do not torment me."
  For He said to him, "Come out of the man, unclean spirit!"
  Then He asked him, "What is Your name?" And he answered saying, "My name is Legion; for we are many."
  And he begged Him earnestly that He would not send them out of the country. Now a large herd of swine was feeding there near the mountain.
  And all the demons begged Him, saying, "Send us to the swine, that we may enter them."
  And at once Jesus gave them permission. Then the unclean spirits went out and entered the swine (there were about two thousand); and the herd ran violently down the steep place into the sea, and drowned in the sea.
  Now those who fed the swine fled, and they told it in the city and in the country. and they went out to see what it was that happened.
  Then they came to Jesus, and saw the one who had been demon-possessed and had the legion, sitting and clothed and in his right mind. And they were afraid. Mark 5:2-15
O Lord, we speak the healing word over each and every life that this message touches today!

Lord, we ask that as we speak this amazingly powerful word you would break every chain that binds.

Today as we speak forth Your healing word and as we speak Your most holy name into and over lives we ask that by the power of Your Spirit, Your people would be set free from anything that hinders them from being found in Your presence, whole and well and in their right mind.

Lord, the word we speak ...That name above all other names! ... Even in this moment, right now, we would stand in awe and watch as we say, "In the name of the Jesus Christ of Nazareth be set free! Be healed. Be whole!

Lord, we give You all the praise and all the glory as every chain that is tasked with the purpose of destroying life is broken! Right now, in this moment, Lord, we know that it doesn't matter whether it is a physical chain like sickness and disease, or a spiritual one that binds the soul; we know that by the power and authority of Your name its hold is BROKEN. Amen!

God Bless!!!

Staff of Snack Time Devotions

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