Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Radiant Face

Why was everyone staring at him?

One man's eyes were bulging out of his head, just as wide and unblinking as locust's eyes. A woman's jaw hug open, and a child had literally screamed loudly before running away. A number of people wouldn't even come close to him, and young woman hide behind their husbands and fathers.

And they were all looking at him.


The sun beat against Moses' back, and he waved to Aaron. His brother moved in unison with the people, slowly moving backwards. The shadows of the people jutted out behind them, bobbing up and down on the sandy sea as they moved away from him.

Wait... Where was his shadow?

"Aaron, what is going on with you and the people?"

"Your face?"

"What about my face?" He took a few more steps towards them.

"It's glowing!"

He stopped. That wasn't one he was expecting. The corners of his mouth pulled up, and he started laughing. Now it was their turn to stop.

A man pointed at him. "He's gone mad!" A hum of agreement followed.

"What's so funny?" Aaron said.

"It's the glory of God!" He through his hands into the air. "The glory of God is making my face glow because the Lord spoke with me."

Based on Exodus 34:29-33

You guys know this story. Moses goes up the mountain for the second time to get the Ten Commandments. He comes down the mountain, ready to work, but all the people were scared of him. The Bible says they were afraid to come near him, and that Moses had to call them back. Even after he talked with them, Moses had to wear a veil over his face because it was still so bright.

"Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed." Psalm 34:5

This is one of my new favorite verses, and when I read it, I immediately thought of this story with Moses.

I want a radiant face. Not because of beauty or makeup. Not related to the world's standards. I want a radiant face because of God and His glory. The kind of face Moses had.

Moses looked to God. He trusted in God. God was his source. You could see that on his face. There was no shame from not trusting in God, overpowering sin, or not having a real relationship with God.

If you make anything a spiritual goal this year, it should be this: having a radiant, God-glory face. Moses spoke with God face to face, and had one of the most intimate relationships with God. If you make your relationship with God a priority, then you will have a face glowing from God's glory with no traces of shame.

V. Joy Palmer

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