Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Chunks of Ice Cream!"

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I could count them, they would be more in number than the sand. Psalm 139:17-18

I just got home from doing an over night event with our youth group and I have to tell you I am so blessed! God has been so good to me! I don't know about you but I know because I know because I know that I am in the very center of my heavenly Father's will. I have such a feeling of contentment and I am feeling so blessed! I just want to take today to stop and just rest in His presence. Maybe its just because I'm 53 and I just spent the night sleeping on the floor but all I want to do right now is to just sit here resting in Him. I want to close my eyes and just speak a very contented, "Thank you Lord! Thank you for all the ways you bless me!" 

When I was a child there was this one time that I remember my mom did something that was different and unusual. It was just some random act that I've never forgotten. It was a hot summer day and my brother and sisters and I were outside playing. It was a regular routine for my mom to send us outside to play in the afternoon when the baby was napping.

We were outside playing when my mom called from the kitchen door. We went running to see what she wanted. I thought maybe we were in trouble because we were over in an area we weren't supposed to be but when we got close we could see she was holding something. As we arrived she smiled and started handing us ice cream. It wasn't normal ice cream in a bowl or a cone either. She had taken a half gallon and cut it into four square block chunks and put a fork in the middle so we could carry it. It was like having ice cream on a stick only it was a big square chunk on a fork. I will never forget it because it was pretty rare for us to get ice cream. It was a treat for special occasions because we didn't have a lot of money growing up and here we were getting this huge chunk, out of no where, for no reason other then it was a hot day and she wanted to bless us.

I have never forgotten that moment of surprise and pleasure when I realized we were getting this rare treat and in such a cool and different way. I remember feeling special and loved!

This is where I get to use some of my favorite words, "Gods like that!" Jesus was always pointing at something, like a mustard seed, telling about it and then saying, "God's like that" to show people about the love of God. So every chance I get, I do like Jesus and say, God's like that. My mom blessed her kids with a special rare treat out of nowhere because she loved us. She looked out the window, saw us hard at play on a hot summer day and blessed us. Just because she loved us. Think about all the times your parents bought you a treat, food or a toy just cause. No other reason then they thought you'd like it or it was something you needed so they got it for you. Think about all the times your parent thought about you!

God is your heavenly Father and as the verse above says His thoughts for you are too many to count ...more in number than the sand. The thing is, I remember being so excited about our special treat that I kept thanking my mom over and over. You know one of those, happy excited, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mom!" moments.

Do we notice all the ways that God, our heavenly Father, blesses us each day? Do we take His acts of blessing for granted or do we remember to notice that He is loving us and sending blessings our way. I guess my question is, do we, His children appreciate Him for all the times He notices and blesses us with 'chunks of ice cream?"

Do we have an excited, "Thank you, Thank you Thank you, Thank you, LORD!" moment or are we too focused on the HOT SUN to notice He just blessed us with Chunks of Ice Cream?

So how or why would I be thinking about all that coming off an over night event that I didn't even get to do any of the teaching for? (the thing I love most in all the world to do) The reason is because the four adults that work with me as my youth leaders did an amazing job! They were born into the kingdom and raised up here in this ministry and now they are passionately serving the Lord to train up and equip and bless young people as well and seeing that last night has brought such a feeling of blessing! I am so blessed!

All I want to do is sit here saying, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, LORD"

My best advice - take time to notice His blessings in your life today. They are more numerous then you can count but its worth the effort!

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