Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Our Strong God"

To whom will you liken Me, and make Me equal and compare Me, that we should be alike? They lavish gold out of the bag, and weigh silver in the balance; They hire a goldsmith, and he makes a god; They prostrate themselves, yes they worship. They bear it on the shoulder, they carry it and set it in its place, and it stands; from its place it shall not move. Though one cries out to it, yet it cannot answer nor save him out of his trouble.

Remember this, and show yourselves men; Recall to mind, O you transgressors. Remember the former things of old, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, Isaiah 46:5-9
I have a question for you. Did you know that our God is a strong God who saves? I have another question for you. Did you know that our God is a Strong Tower that we need to run into? I have another question for you. Did you know that that He is Mighty and that there is none higher, none greater than our God?

These may seem like strange questions to be asking a people who is called by His name but sometimes I think we need to to be reminded! There is no one like our God! He alone is worthy of being high and lifted up! Sometimes when life 'stuff' happens we can forget that He is Mighty enough to handle it. Sometimes, too many times, God's people forget that He is our Strong God who is more that able to deliver us! We don't have to live under our circumstances! We serve a strong and Mighty God. We serve the one true God!

In 1 Samuel 5:1-5 there is a record of God being God just because He is! ...When the Philistines took the ark of God, they brought it into the house of Dagon and set it by Dagon. And when he people of Ashdod arose early in the morning, there was Dagon, fallen on its face to the earth before the ark of the Lord. So they took Dagon and set it in its place again. And when they arose early the next morning, there was Dagon, fallen on its face to the ground before the ark of the Lord. The head of Dagon and both the palms of its hands were broken off on the threshold; only the torso of Dagon was left of it. There is nothing, no one, and no circumstance that is bigger or greater than He is!  It is time that we, as His people, declare it loudly and clearly  to the whole earth. It is time the we stand forth as witness to declare that He is God, there is no other!

"You are My witnesses," says the Lord, And My servant whom I have chosen,
That you may know and believe Me, And understand that I am He.
Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me.
I, even I, am the Lord, And besides Me there is no savior.
I have declared and saved, I have proclaimed,
And there was no foreign god among you; Therefore you are My witnesses,"
Says the Lord, "That I am God." Isaiah 43:10-13a

God Himself asks us to be a witness that He is alone is God. We need to remember that as we face our trials, temptations and circumstances. We need to be declaring to our trials, temptations and circumstances that He is God and He is well able! He is a Mighty Strong God who is well able to take care of anything we face even if He has to go into the fire with us! We need to bring His presence into the midst of the things we face and He; as our strong God will take the head and palms off just because He is there. Nothing and no one can stand because He alone is GOD!

 Strong God by Meredeth Andrews

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