Tuesday, October 27, 2015

All Talk?

"When will Paul return?"
Archegos looked at the young, eager man in front of him. He wasn't any older then fifteen, and yet even he wanted to serve and help. He was practically bouncing in excitement. But would his response crush him?

"Not for many months."

As expected, his face dropped. The bouncing stopped. A soft, "Oh," escaped his lips.

What could Archegos tell him, other then what he'd told himself and countless others in the congregation?

He motioned for the young man to sit beside him on the bench. "I know that wasn't the answer you wanted to hear."

"No," He started. "What are we supposed to do now? Here I was thinking Paul would arrive any day...now I found out it will be months. Just sitting around waiting makes me feel useless."

"So, don't sit around and wait," Archegos said.


"Don't sit around and wait. There are so many things we can do to prepare for his arrival, or to aid him in his travels, not to mention further the spreading of the Gospel." Understanding started to dawn in his eyes as Archegos continued. "We could take an offering and have it ready for when Paul gets here. We will continue to have prayer meetings and times devoted to studying God's Word. The women have already started making clothes for the widows, orphans, and the less fortunate. The men have started volunteering to help others with hard labor and the harvest. There is still much to be done. The question is will you use your zeal to serve God and prepare now?"

Archegos grinned as he jumped from the bench. "What can I do first?"

Based on 2 Corinthians 9:2

I love the people of Achaia. Why? Well, every reason why I love them is in this single verse.

"For I know your readiness, of which I boast about you to the people of Macedonia, saying that Achaia has been ready since last year. And your zeal has stirred up most of them." 2 Corinthians 9:2

They were ready. They had zeal. They had so much zeal, that they couldn't just wait around. So, they went and got ready. They were so ready that news of their readiness reached other Christians in other lands. So ready, that Paul boasted about them frequently. So ready, that their zeal rubbed off on the people of Macedonia.


"Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour." Matthew 25:13

"Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." Matthew 24:44

I read that one verse about the people of Achaia, and it hit me hard. Am I saying, "Come Lord," but not doing anything to prepare? Am saying that I want more of God, but not taking the steps to further my relationship with God? Am I saying that I want to see more ministry and more people saved, but not bothering to be Jesus' hands and feet?

Am I saying everything, but never doing anything?

I don't want to be all talk. I want to be like the people of Achaia. Zealous and ready. People of God, this is what we need to be like. We can talk all we want, but it's the actual preparation beforehand that will make the difference.

V. Joy Palmer

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